At Sequentis Capital, we care about our clients’ cash flow as well as their wealth. Our investment strategy seeks to grow our client’s income stream while also to preserve and grow their wealth over the long-term.

To achieve this goal, we primarily invest in high-quality equities, employing a bottom-up stock selection process based on company fundamentals. We believe that this investment strategy provides our clients with the highest probability of preserving their capital and growing their income while enhancing their purchasing power over time.

We assess quality from qualitative and quantitative approaches. Qualitatively, we look for companies with strong management teams, a strong social purpose, and the ability to maintain or build upon leadership positions over time.

Quantitatively, we prefer companies with stable, recurring profits and earnings, consistent or accelerating dividend growth, and responsible levels of debt. Dividend paying companies in the S&P 500 have outperformed non-dividend payers by over 11% per year since 1972. We generally avoid deeply cyclical companies whose earnings and dividends are at risk during economic downturns. We also avoid companies with business operations that do not align with the core values of our clients.